Not the M&S Meat Pack

Not the M&S Meat Pack

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Check out our new amazing value Meat Pack, Title; Not the M&S Meat Pack. Our Armstrong Country Foods Meat Pack is packed full of the Highest Quality Local Produce with an amazing price of only £38.99 with Free Delivery! 

4 Delicious Beef Burgers (454g)
Lean Steak Pieces 400g
95% Lean Mince Steak 2 x 400g 
2 x 8oz Sirloin Steaks 
400g Pork Sausages 
500g Cocktail Sausages 
350g Lean Unsmoked Back Bacon 
250g J.H. Givan Old Style Ham 

All of these items are suitable for home freezing! 

We have plenty of supply of all these items. 

Thank you to everyone who chooses to shop local, we truly appreciate it.